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Professional Headshot Photography 

"Valerie is a legend in every way...she managed to not only make me laugh and feel so good, she took some of the most perfect shots for me — striking a the balance I needed between seriousness, artistic, and fun. I needed these for a particular project and she delivered. I was so moved when I saw them, I wanted to shout her name from the rooftops"
-Kristen, headshot client
"I would give 10 stars if I could. She’s easy to work with, professional, and is able to make even the most reluctant subject at ease."
-Kimberly, Tenth Ave Holdings, team headshot client
"The best photoshoot I've ever had!"
-Tommy, headshot client
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Basic Professional Headshot Photography Headshot Package:

The basic professional headshot package includes pretty much anything most will need: one location (outdoors) or one lighting setup/backdrop (in studio) up to one hour of shooting (either outdoors or in studio), full access to your gallery of high resolution images, and the option to retouch two photos. Packages for shoots on location at your office can also be arranged.

Looking to do headshots for your full office or a group of new hires? Contact me for more information about discount group headshot packages, including on location packages. 
ANY group of two or more receives a discount on their session. The more subjects you group, the greater the discount!


Fun. Easy, Authentic.
A Professional Headshots Experience Like No Other

My claim to fame--as all of my reviews show--is how I work directly with subjects. The defining characteristics of a shoot with me are that they are fun, easy, and authentic. Do you hate having your photo taken? Does anyone in your office? Then I'm probably the person for you. Having your photo taken can be vulnerable and uncomfortable. I used to hate having my photo taken--and that's why I'm so sensitive to the needs of people in front of my camera.  Even if I'm doing a huge day of headshots of dozens of people, I'll take the reins and make sure you are at ease and have the space to be your best self.

Headshots have become a necessary marketing tool for every professional and every business, but not every professional and business has the same needs for their images. This is why every session with me, we will consult with each other prior to the shoot about your needs. Are you a therapist who needs to show your warmth and approachability? Are you a lawyer who wants to show clients you are strong, reliable and trustworthy? Are you in tech and want to project professionalism with a sense of creativity? Each of these clients--and you--will need a unique approach. We will discuss before our shoot whether a studio, office, or outdoor shoot will provide the right atmosphere for your needs, as well as any wardrobe thoughts and questions you may have. This will help set us up for success in capturing the best image to show 
you in your best and most authentic light. 

Many folks opt to not take a full hour, but we leave plenty of time to warm up and get comfortable in front of the camera if needed, and to even try some different ideas if needed. With all our pre-shoot preparation and time for the shoot, you can rest assured we will get the images you need!


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I am uncomfortable in front of the camera/have flaws I don't like, and hate having my photo taken. Do you have any suggestions?
Oh my goodness--same. I get intimated by large studio lights and the barrel of those long portrait lenses. But honestly? I think that's what makes working with me easier. Because I've been there and know the discomfort, we'll work together in such a way that hopefully you'll start to forget the camera is there. Once we get going it should feel a bit like we're having a nice chat and I just happen to have a camera. Besides, as I say at the beginning of every session, we'll be taking a bunch of photos, and they're all digital...the worst thing that can happen is we get some photos of you making funny faces or having your eyes closed (which happens to everyone, by the way). There is literally nothing wrong you can do in front of the camera, no wrong angle we can try--the worst thing that can happen is we take some picture that we just don't use! Every shot we don't like brings us closer to the one we love and will end up using.

Do I need to wear makeup or hire a makeup artist?
For business headshots, I usually suggest makeup/hair to be done by you in the same manner you would wear it when going in for an important interview or meeting with someone you need to impress. Lighter and more natural is almost always better (blemishes can be retouched, but heavy foundation that doesn't match skin tones, unfortunately, cannot). So unless your professional is something highly focused on looks, usually we will not need a makeup artist. Should you need one, I have a couple of amazing makeup artists I work with for my actors and they can be hired for an additional fee. 

Can you do sessions on location at my office or home?
Yes! I am happy to come to your office or home. It's actually one of my favorite ways to work because it means you don't need to interrupt your day too much to come to my studio. To do an in-office session, we'll just need to take a look at your space beforehand to see if the background and light will work. Please be prepared to have your space cleaned up and ready to go when I arrive--the background will blur out a bit, but major distractions will still show up, so put those file folders, coffee mugs, etc to the side somewhere! If you'd like an on-location shoot with a plain white or black backdrop, this can be arranged for an additional fee. 

Will I get to see the images during our session?
Some photographers don't like to show subjects their photos during the session, and personally, I don't get that. I want to make sure we're getting the images you need. We won't review every single image in the session, but I will definitely check in with you and show you images to make sure we're on the right track--and to show you how great you look! If seeing the photos would get you in your head--of course, please let me know and I won't show you until we're done!

Can I change outfits during the shoot?
Some folks like to do this (especially changing ties, or doing some shots with/without blazers), and I'm more than happy to do this! In studio, I will have space for you to hang any additional items and a changing room in the studio. Please keep in mind that we will not have these luxuries in an outdoor session, so plan accordingly

How many photos do you take in a session and how many do you send in my gallery?
many as we need! I don't limit my sessions in any way by the number of times I hit the shutter button. And you will be sent the full gallery of color corrected proofs from your session.

How long does it take to get my gallery and my retouched images?
Because images will need color correction (and sometimes cropping), it can take up to 7 days to be sent your gallery. Similarly, retouched images will be sent within 7 days of your notifying me of your choices.  If you need your images sooner than this, a variety of expedited delivery packages are available for an additional charge depending on the size of your shoot and they turnaround time you need.

I want a studio session but don't like the plain black/white/grey backdrop. Do you have other colors available?
Yes! I have additional off-white colors as well as the full rainbow of options. If you'd like a different color, please just let me know prior to our shoot so I can properly set up the studio before you arrive. 

Do I (or does my company) own the photos you send?
Technically, the photographer owns any photos they take. However, in the contract I send you, I granted non-exclusive rights, allowing you to use the photos on your website, LinkedIn, social media, and marketing materials. They just can't be sold for profit, which is usually fine, unless you're planning on putting your headshot on mugs and t-shirts and selling it to your fans. Then we'd need to talk first. :)

  I already have decent photos of myself on my phone. Why do I need to spend money on professional photos?
To be totally honest, I'm not the kind of person that's going to try and convince anyone to pay for photos they don't need. For some folks, photos of their phone have served them early in their career and that's fine! That being said, professional photos, properly lit and composed, and taken by someone who has experience with getting people comfortable in front of the camera sends potential employers and clients a lot more subliminal messages than we think. A great business headshot will up your value the way any good marketing would. It shows investment in yourself/your business, and, when properly planned, will evoke the right emotions in your potential clients and make them want to work with you. If you are uncertain about whether or not the investment is right for you, contact me. Consultations are free and require no commitment. 


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