Theater Photography

promote your production and your company with photos that capture what it feels like to be there

Great production photos are a necessary tool for any professional company to use to promote your work for ticket sales now, and for the ongoing buzz and reputation around your company and your work.

Bad or mediocre theater photos send the message to prospective patrons that your company and the work you put on just isn't professional.
So who will drop money on tickets and carve the time out of their day to attend when they don't have confidence in the product?

But great photos can tell stories, capture emotions, and make the audience feel like they are right there in the audience. They create a sense of professionalism and intrigue that sells tickets now and creates a record of your work you will always have to help build your brand. 

As a theater actor in New York for the last 10+ years, I know the importance of capturing photos that are more than a simple visual record of your show, but capture the beauty of the ephemeral nature of theater in a way that feels tangible, immediate, and authentic for your company's vision. I will be there will two camera bodies and multiple lenses to make sure we don't just capture all you need--but that we do so with the same vitality of the performance itself!