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See Valerie's 70+, unanimous five-star reviews on Google Business

"I can't overstate the quality of work Valerie has done for Fault Line Theatre. She is thoughtful, considerate, and professional. Her photos elevate our grants, make our marketing materials more dynamic, and allow us to confidently post on all of our feeds. She is a storyteller, so she knows how to compel an audience with an image. It's wonderful. More importantly, though, she is a kind and generous collaborator who communicates clearly with our designers, actors, and directors. She elevates everyone's work, and gives them the gift of memories. She has my complete confidence and full-throated endorsement."

-Aaron Rossini, Artistic Director, Fault Line Theatre

Valerie's work is simply incredible! We were so lucky to have her shoot our production of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. She managed to capture  every magical moment of our show and was incredibly collaborative throughout the entire process. She is a true artist with an amazing understanding of theatrical shoots and I look forward to working with her in the future!

-Marc Tumminell,  Director, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at White Plains Performing Arts Center

"Valerie is a joy to work with and truly has a gift for capturing the magic that we try to create on stage. With a background in performing, she understands the value of production shots and treats each shoot with great care and enthusiasm. Highly recommend if you want your show to look great!"

-Jesse Castellanos, Marketing Manager, INTAR 


"Oh, let me tell you about Valerie! She's not a photographer; she's a magician with a camera. Every time I'm on a red carpet, whether it's the Obie Awards, Lortel Awards, or the Tony Awards, Valerie has this way of making me feel like the most special person in the world.

She’s not just talented, she's also got this playful and laid-back vibe that's infectious. It's like working with a friend who just happens to be super professional. Which is why I always reach out to her first when I need someone I can trust to capture the essence of the moment.


What really sets Valerie apart is how she listens to my ideas and what I envision in a photo. She's not just attentive; she's got this amazing gift for getting inspired in the moment. It's like she takes my ideas and combines them with her own creativity, resulting in photos that are pure art and perfectly capture the moment.

Her passion shines through every shot she takes. And what’s more… she’s the kindest, patient and most compassionate person in the room. Everyone who works with her feels the love. I can't count how many compliments I get from people who are like, “your photographer has the best energy - I want her to capture my next event”. And I’m like, “I know, right?! Just wait until you see her pictures!”

She has this knack for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Having her around is like having a calming presence in the storm of life. I know that sounds dramatic, but not every event goes as planned —so having people around you who are unfazed by the unexpected and are confidently flexible is a huge plus. Which is why you’d be so lucky to have Valerie on your team.

I know this is a long review but when I was searching for the right photographer, I wanted to get a sense of the artist themselves not just the art they create. Because trusting your time, your vision and your wallet with someone you’ve never met or worked with is a big deal. Especially when it comes to freezing those special moments that will only happen once. So I’ll end with this. When you consistently have positive experiences with a true professional over an extended period, it feels like a responsibility to let others in on who that extraordinary person is. Valerie, is that person."


-Crystal Lucas Perry, Tony Nominee, Ain't No' Mo'

"Valerie led the best photoshoot I've ever had! It started before she ever touched a camera; she took time to talk to me about the types of roles I wanted and worked with me to find the looks to capture them. That level of collaboration helped me feel prepared going into the session.

During the session, she was professional yet easygoing, ensuring that I had fun while she worked her magic. Her simple, supportive direction throughout made me feel relaxed and confident, and her feedback kept me energized throughout our session. Not to mention, she takes GREAT shots.

I could not be more thrilled with the entire experience!

Thank you, Valerie!"


Tommy, headshot client

"Valerie is a legend in every way. She made the time for me bright and early in the morning and in the freezing cold! Despite all odds she managed to not only make me laugh and feel so good, she took some of the most perfect shots for me — striking a the balance I needed between seriousness, artistic, and fun. I needed these for a particular project and she delivered. I was so moved when I saw them, I wanted to shout her name from the rooftops. Not only is she phenomenal at her work, she is super fun — you leave wanting to be her friend! Thank you amazing Valerie for shining through!

Kristen, Portrait client

Valerie's sense of ease and comfort makes this (often stressful) process joyous, buoyant, and professional. She's a natural, and captures the best of you -- even if you, like me, worry a lot about how you appear in pictures. I felt comfortable with her and adored the results. We were done quickly, painlessly, and above all I had fun -- she was generous with her time, flexible, and fun.

Matt, headshot client

This is the second time I have done my headshots with Valerie and she continues to do a phenomenal job.
She's accommodating, professional, and really fun to shoot with. I am going through a big transition period as an artist and she really helped me work with what I had, what I wanted, while still being recognizably me.
Whether you're trying to get more traditional photos, or go for something really bold, Valerie is a wonderful choice for your NYC headshot needs.

Vicki, headshot client

"I’ve worked with Valerie twice now, for wedding photos as well as headshots for my company, and would give 10 stars if I could. She’s easy to work with, professional, and is able to make even the most reluctant subject at ease."

Kim, Tenth Ave Holdings

I loved working with Val! She's not only hilarious but also, very warm and inviting. This really helped me to feel at ease, which allowed me be to be the real me I wanted to capture in my headshots. I'm grateful.

Sarah, headshot client

"Valerie was AMAZING! Exceptional talent with huge heart. She really cares and pays attention to the small details. She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin & so confident. The photos came WAYYYY better than I anitcipated."

Viktoria, portrait client

Valerie is an exceptionally talented photographer and creative. She has photographed me on stage at my live shows as well as on a music video set, and recently collaborated with me to create the artwork for my upcoming album. She is a wonderful creative partner, not only because of the excellence that she delivers, but because she is able to interpret my ideas, then develop them to their full visual potential. Valerie is reliable, communicative, and grounded - three qualities that should not be taken for granted in a creative field. I look forward to our long and fruitful professional relationship.

Lauren Minear, singer-songwriter

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